Yet another project…practice, practice, practice

So you know how to get to Carnegie Hall…. practice, practice, practice! Yeah, it’s an old cliché but it holds true, and yes, it might be another venue same tune though!

So that being considered I have been practicing a lot of coding, mostly HTML5, and CSS3. Some javascript, and some JQUERY too!

So here is my latest project, and yes, my blog has changed so that is more integrated with my website.

So here is my latest project called ONE MILLION LINES, it’s just a practice site, it doesn’t really do anything other than look pretty.

Long Awaited Update

So I took down my old blog to try and make a more cohesive internet presence. So I recreated by website from scratch using my recently learned skills. I also have added a separate blog to make sure that was in the same place, but not the whole site.

So I created my website using HTML, and CSS, javascript, jquery, and bootstrap which is what I have spent the last few months learning, and relearning, and relearning again.

So I hope you enjoy it, and if you know anyone looking for a website please have them contact me here!

You can also see my new website here!

Just as an aside… Ghandi once said

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” — Mahatma Ghandi1